Tamraght Agadir MOROCCO

Surfing in morocco

Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned surfer, there are plenty of beaches with varying swells for all levels. With roughly 20 different surf spots in the surrounding areas, no surf day needs to be the same.

There are miles of beach breaks suitable for surfing newbies, including Imourane and K11, where plenty of white waves make great training grounds.

Anchor Point is the Holy Grail for more advanced surfers, well known for its right-hand long curling breaks. Tamraght is the place to head to, when the waves are flat elsewhere.

Surf Spots

12 km

Killer Point

A powerful wave. Which is higher than you think.

12.6 km

La Source

A performance wave. Just a little less than tall and powerful Killer Point.

12.3 km


Located directly next to La Source. The waves break partly on the sand. What makes things more relaxed.

6 km

Hash Point

One of the most relaxed waves

8 km

Anchor Point

A steep take off. Powerful point break, which remains on a good day walk

29 km


A steep take off. Powerful point break, which remains on a good day walk

0.8 km

Devil’s Rock

A tough name for a break each day can be different. Right and left waves. But, in particular, a right hand.

0.2 km

Banana Beach

Here you will often find the beginners because it is a relatively easy golf.

66 km


There is not just one surf Surf Spot in Imsouane town but two amazing surfing beaches.

6 km


Magical 6 past years until now, Anza is really popular with local surfers this season. The beach is only 10 minutes away – Drive south and it’s just before Agadir Harbour. This awesome spot has a peaky, steep left which sits on a reef, and a mellower, pealing right on the sand. The middle section works too so there’s loads of space for everyone!

53 km


Located at the mouth of a ‘oued’ irrigating banana plantations, this ultra-consistent beach break is the go when Tarhazoute is flat. Unfortunately, it is onshore in the N winds.

174 km


The main wave is a long righthand wall breaking over boulder type rocks way on the outside. 2 lefts and the town beach break complete the panorama on the “promenade”. 2km to the south, a righthander breaks off the end of the harbour wall that protects an inside left when big.